Gordon Hester

Global Business Consultant

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For my entire business career, my focus has been momentum

The variety of projects and problems I have solved in my business career has resulted in a vast experience and skillset base. It is my belief that experience is the best teacher and problems are my greatest gift.


Problem solver for business owners searching to create and advance momentum.

Gordon Hester is a Global Business Consultant. Prior to expanding his consulting practice in 2016, Gordon was the CEO of Roberti Enterprises for 25 years. During this period, he helped to develop Roberti Enterprises into one of the largest nutritional direct selling businesses in the world.

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Upcoming Book

Reset: Welcome to the re-Imaging of Direct Selling

This is a book about change and the evolution of the Direct Selling Industry. This Industry is a global distribution channel for goods and services that does almost $200 billion per year in sales in over 170 countries.

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Areas of Business Experience and Expertise

He is working with the senior global management team that includes IT, marketing, branding, sales, product expansion, compliance and infrastructure development.

Business Consulting

Building and integrating new business processes and systems to drive positive transformation

Executive Coaching

Coached thousands of entrepreneurs in North America, 15 European Member countries, Israel and Australia

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Lectured and/or trained in North America, 15 European Member countries, Israel and Australia