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For my entire business career, my focus has been momentum

Business is about Impact and my business brand has been built on producing results for my clients and in my own businesses.

Your life has

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Who I Am

Gordon D. Hester

Transformation Specialist, Entrepreneur, Consultant, Trainer And Author

Gordon Hester is a Global Business Strategist. His consulting business is focused on working with mid to large sized companies.

Society doesn’t teach us to succeed…

It teaches us to conform

Gordon Hester is an entrepreneur and business strategist. For 25 years, Gordon was the CEO of Roberti Enterprises. Although Roberti Enterprises was a conglomerate of various companies, it was best known for building one of the largest global distributorships in the history of the Direct Selling Industry with sales in excess of $10 billion and a sales organization exceeding 100,000 distributors in over 25 countries. During this period, he coached and trained thousands of entrepreneurs in North America, 15 European Member countries, Israel and Australia.

After retiring in April 2016, Gordon started his own global business consulting practice. The focus of his consulting practice was B2B, primarily with start-ups and mid-sized global companies. The scope of his consulting is very broad but always focused on problem-solving, both in operations and sales. Much of that work is on business strategies and the development of systems and process necessary to advance momentum in their businesses.

In 2018, Gordon started building his execution team. The first step was launching his global technology business called ShapeTech Solutions, LLC. ShapeTech Solutions is a boutique tech design and full-stack development firm with offices in both Sarasota, Florida and Nis, Serbia. ShapeTech has an international team of business consultants, developers, and designers providing transformative solutions for global businesses. The ShapeTech Team has over 40+ years of business experience and over 100+ years of tech experience. Step #2 was launching Shapetech Studios which is a digital marketing division. Later in 2019, he will also be launching the Hester Consulting Network which is a group of high-end business consultants.

What I’ve Done

Areas of Business Experience and Expertise

Gordon Hester is working with the senior global management team that includes IT, marketing, branding, sales, product expansion, compliance and infrastructure development.

Business Experience

  • Building and integrating new business processes and systems to drive positive transformation
  • Building and integrating behavioral models for data mining and behavioral mapping, interpretation and implementation
  • Extensive contact negotiations
  • Extensive problem solving – identification and resolution
  • Bringing products to market
  • Venture capital
  • Conflict resolution – working with corporate teams
  • Social media and marketing consulting
  • Accounting system development and management

Leadership Coaching

  • Coached thousands of entrepreneurs in North America, 15 European Member countries, Israel and Australia
  • Problem identification and resolution
  • Behavioral mapping and transformation
  • System and strategy creation and implementation
  • Legal support on business matters
  • Change management
  • Life coaching and how it integrates with business growth
  • Financial planning systems and strategies including investments, tax strategies, tax and wealth creation

Public Speaking and Training

    • Lectured and/or trained in North America, 15 European Member countries, Israel and Australia
    • Areas of speaking and training include:
      • Business and Economic Forecasting
      • Business Development and Transformation
      • Leadership Development
      • Financial Planning and Wealth Building for Entrepreneurs
      • Human Behavior Focused on Mapping and Transforming Thinking
      • Creating and Advancing Momentum in Business
      • Communication

My Execution Team

Shapetech Solutions is a boutique tech design and full-stack development firm with offices in both Sarasota, Florida and Nis, Serbia. We are an international team of business consultants, developers, and designers who are able to use both the global nature of our business and our vast range of backgrounds to create affordable solutions for all our clients. We firmly believe that we are in the business of providing transformative solutions, and view technology as a tool that we can use to shape the future of any company.

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ShapeTech Studio is a team of creative and highly motivated people ready to help you build your brand and digital presence. Our business consultants, digital marketing managers, and designers will help carry out your idea! Our team’s goal is to use their knowledge and creativity to support our clients in widening their audience, strengthening and flourishing their business.

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What I'm up to

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“Society doesn’t teach us to succeed…
It teaches us to conform.”

2 weeks ago

Gordon D. Hester

Business is Booming!!!!!!

We are living in challenging times right now. Despite all these challenges, we are seeing businesses that are doing extremely well. For now, we are operating with a "new normal' and a lot of uncertainty. This too will pass.

A couple days ago Success Partners interviewed more than 60 network marketing companies headquartered in the US. These companies make up the large majority of sales in the US.

As you can see in the chart below, 86% of the companies are showing revenue growth. Almost 1/3 grew 10-20% since last month. Yes I said ONE MONTH!!!!!

Consumers continue to shop for products and services from the direct selling channel, especially in the nutritional space. Consumers are looking for ways to stay healthy and the current state of the world is increasing the awareness of how important it is for all of us to take ownership of our own health.

Recruiting is climbing as people seek to find alternative ways to earn income. The Side Hustle that is a Plan B for most people is now becoming more of a Plan A as people seek to earn enough income to support their lives and the lives of their family. Our business model will be a vehicle for many to both survive and thrive this current global pandemic and after it.

The strength of direct selling and network marketing has always had its foundations in culture, community and relationships. It is our time to shine and help those in the world who need our help. Now is the perfect to serve, not sell!!! If we focus on serving others, the sales will follow.

Various studies show that consumers who buy through direct selling want to buy locally and from someone they know. This is a time where we can EXPONENTIALLY increase our value to consumers and business opportunity seekers all over the world!!!

So what are the lessons? First, when economics and timing are in your favor, roll up your sleeves and go to work. Both appear to be in our favor right now. Second, invest into connecting with people. It is such a critical time to understand the importance of connection. People need hope, love and positivity. As an Industry, we can be a vehicle for fuel these qualities in others. That is needed all over the world right now as fear and uncertainty grow.
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Positioned Right

“The Force Shaping the Future of
Direct Selling and Network Marketing”

Positioned Right is a deep dive into the Direct Selling and Network Marketing Industry and a look at the forces shaping the future of the Industry. There has never been a more important time for this Industry to evolve to remain relevant and competitive as a distribution channel and business opportunity. If you are part of this Industry or considering being a part of the Industry in the future, this book will give you the insight you need. Therefore, Positioned Right is a must-read.

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What I'm up to

Latest News

May 30, 2019 – June 2, 2019

Keynote speaker for the opening of this event in Dallas, Texas. My topic will “Why the Direct Selling Industry is Positioned to Win and the Keys to a Better Future”

June 2, 2019

Attend and participate in the DSEF Academic Fellowship workshop in Austin Texas

June 2, 2019 – June 5, 2019

Training in Austin Texas on the 2019 Growth and Outlook Study which will be shared for the first time at the Direct Selling Association (DSA) Annual Meeting

Oct 12, 2019 – Oct 16, 2019

Keynote speaker for the opening of this event. In addition, I am doing the breakout session for the Presidents and Chancellors at these colleges to discuss the keys to building an effective entrepreneur program at a University. I am also judging the student entrepreneur competition.


Gordon D. Hester

Transformation Specialist, Entrepreneur, Consultant, Trainer and Author

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