One of the things I believe has differentiated me from others in the field is that I have always had people in mind. Very early on in my career I’ve realized that in order to be successful you need to put your focus on people and value them as individuals. It is easy to get lost in all the numbers, papers and planing and to forget that they are the most important component of every successful business.

Whether it’s marketing or coaching, I have always thought about the people and their needs. The main focus of my career has been teaching people how-to. How to start a new business, engage their audience, move up the ladder and above all how to work smart.

In the world where machines are taking over the work, the job market is shrinking and the unemployment rate is going up, we need to know how to create work on our own and how to take care of ourselves. That’s what working smart means. Network marketing is a rising industry that has a lot to offer in this matter, and yet people think of it very poorly.

I have worked with many network marketing firms, such as Juice Plus and most recently Maelle beauty, and have helped them bring their business to its feet. And what I have learned in the process is that people are very confused about what network marketing is, because they have heard many negative things about it, and have little understanding of the concept.

That is why I have decided to use my knowledge and experience and write a book that will help people learn about direct selling. Now that Maelle is officially back up and running, I have decided to once again turn to my book and to educating general public on the matter.

As you know I have worked in direct selling and network marketing for more than 25 years, and coached thousands of entrepreneurs. And what I’ve learned is that the best work done is the product of great team synergy, and that building teams and relationships is crucial. We are social beings and we thrive when working together.

Capitalism gave birth to a concept that is very important in network marketing – that the best way for one to make more money is to let others make more money with them. This is how upward mobility was born. There is only so much time you can spend working so if you want to earn more, you need to let others work and earn with you. That means you can create revenue from the power of the relationships you form.

Therefore, the more people you have on your team, and the more you invest in training and nurturing your team, the more you will earn and advance. This means that everybody has an opportunity to succeed.

The network marketing industry is rapidly growing because it recognizes what people need- a way to earn money. With today’s fast life pace and ever-improving technology, an opportunity to work from home and engage your friends and family in growing business is golden.

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Positioned Right is a comprehensive look at the direct selling industry as a distribution channel and business opportunity. It examines the four key areas where this industry must evolve to ensure an even better future. Positioned Right is a transformational blueprint that can ensure that direct selling remains relevant as a distribution channel and business opportunity.

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