Areas of Business Experience and Expertise

Gordon Hester is working with the senior global management team that includes IT, marketing, branding, sales, product expansion, compliance and infrastructure development.

Business Experience

  • Building and integrating new business processes and systems to drive positive transformation
  • Building and integrating behavioral models for data mining and behavioral mapping, interpretation and implementation
  • Extensive contact negotiations
  • Extensive problem solving – identification and resolution
  • Bringing products to market
  • Venture capital
  • Conflict resolution – working with corporate teams
  • Social media and marketing consulting
  • Accounting system development and management

Leadership Coaching

  • Coached thousands of entrepreneurs in North America, 15 European Member countries, Israel and Australia
  • Problem identification and resolution
  • Behavioral mapping and transformation
  • System and strategy creation and implementation
  • Legal support on business matters
  • Change management
  • Life coaching and how it integrates with business growth
  • Financial planning systems and strategies including investments, tax strategies, tax and wealth creation

Public Speaking and Training

    • Lectured and/or trained in North America, 15 European Member countries, Israel and Australia
    • Areas of speaking and training include:
      • Business and Economic Forecasting
      • Business Development and Transformation
      • Leadership Development
      • Financial Planning and Wealth Building for Entrepreneurs
      • Human Behavior Focused on Mapping and Transforming Thinking
      • Creating and Advancing Momentum in Business
      • Communication

Gordon D. Hester

Transformation Specialist, Entrepreneur, Consultant, Trainer and Author

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