Starting on Friday, September 15th, I will be doing a business tour across Australia for the Juice Plus Australian office. The tour will include Perth, Melbourne, the Gold Coast, Newcastle and Sydney.

During this tour I will focus on two trainings. The first training is on explaining to the Juice Plus distributor base and prospects why I believe the best it yet to come for Juice Plus. There is a lot of evidence to support this prediction considering the company’s sales have doubled in the last six years, and today the company is having the highest level of success than at any other time during its 47 year history. In this training I will cover the following:

  • Information in my upcoming book to better educate the audiences on direct selling and network marketing. I know that people will be shocked when they find out how proven and meaningful direct selling is as a distribution channel and the impact network marketing makes in the world.
  • Why I believe the Juice Plus company and business model is the future business model in network marketing. Juice Plus is very different than a typical network marketing company. Every distributor or possible distributor knows why that is the case.
  • Finally, I will share information about the company’s Business Re-Imagination initiative, the largest future based initiative in the history of Juice Plus. This initiative is global and focused to insure both relevancy and leadership in the marketplace in the coming years.

In addition, I will be doing a series of half day leadership events for the existing Juice Plus leaders. As the world of business is evolving, we are seeing the emergence of a new blueprint that strengthens the relationship component of our business and the business fundamentals that have always been the foundation of the Juice Plus culture. Today we have a road map for increasing the speed of growth without compromising proven fundamentals that protect the longevity of the company. In the history of Juice Plus, there has never been a time, like now, where we have seen such a high level of speed and success. The topics in this event include:

  • How to Master the Game of Network Marketing
  • Building a personal brand, tribe and culture within the Juice Plus company culture
  • How to maximize the organization structure of the marketing plan
  • How to master the analytics of the 12 month report and how to effective coach from this report
  • The keys to properly manage the financial part of your business to insure a leader can:
    1) get the best returns from the money they invest back into their business
    2) show how to create wealth from their Juice Plus business
  • The keys to scaling your business so that leaders have a proven path to a higher probability plan to create more time and financial freedom

I have never had the pleasure of teaching a “business strategy workshop” like this one. So often we teach the how to trainings of the Juice Plus business and personal development. However, rarely do we teach the business strategies that truly determine the level of success a leader will have in this business. I am excited to have this opportunity to help the Australian leadership find a path to constant momentum in their business and a higher level of success. Let the fun begin. See everyone in beautiful Australia.

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